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Ancare Veterinary Hospital provide dogs, cats, and exotics with the veterinary care and services they deserve. Our caring, professional staff will work with you to help your pets live long, happy, and healthy lives. We are proud to be the veterinary practice pet parents across the area trust to care for their animals.

A Letter from Dr. Dullard:

My first dog was a wonderful wiener dog named Tony. Tony was lovable, embraced life and loved to give a great big lick if your cheek was close enough. To this day, I still like my dogs to give me a lick. It’s their expression of joy, love and my acceptance to the pack. Growing up, I had a Noah’s Ark of pets from fish, ducks, snakes, birds to dogs and cats. When I read James Herriot’s book “All Creatures Great and Small” in 6th grade, I knew I found my calling as a veterinarian. It was what I was born to be and I now look forward each day to a new challenge and adventure. As owner and Chief of Staff at Ancare Veterinary Hospital, I am blessed that I get to pass that enthusiasm on to my team and the interesting people I see each day.

Animals help us understand and remind us in simple, clear terms what is important. Many important life lessons can be gained from them. Animals accept us for who we are and are unconditional in their love. They like us grumpy or sad. They brighten our day and help us connect with nature. They teach tolerance, respect and commitment. It’s a special bond that all pet lovers understand.

The Ancare team understands this bond. Solving your pet’s problems with the finest compassionate care pet owner’s need is the heart and soul of Ancare Veterinary Hospital. Our staff works hard to give you the right mix of care, compassion, advanced medicine and services to meet all your pet’s needs and earn your trust. As a pet parent and pet lover, I promise to deliver the compassion, knowledge and quality medicine I give to my own pets. We look forward to welcoming you and your pets to the Ancare family.


Steve Dullard DVM, DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice)

Chief of Staff & a Pet Owner

Meet Our Team

Our Veternarians:

Dr. Stephen Dullard

Position: Chief of Staff
Pets: Trooper (A Pitbull Terrier I rescued and rehabilitated from a severe mauling as a 6 month old puppy), Lou ( A Jack Russell Terrier cross who was a stray in Mendota), Bob and Alvira (two DSH stray cats).
About me: I am married to Deb (High School Guidance counsellor) and have 2 sons- Connor (Mizzou student) and Sean (High School). I grew up in Ankeny, IA, went to Iowa State University for undergraduate and veterinary school, and moved to Sandwich, II in 1986 after graduation. I practiced as an associate there before buying the original Ancare Mendota practice in 1991.
Special Interests: I love surgery, feline medicine and ultrasonography. I love to learn new things, travel, hockey, football, biking and anything on the water or outdoors. Both of my sons were or are in scouting- Connor (Eagle Scout) and Sean (working on becoming an Eagle Scout). As a result, we have done a number of High Adventure trips or outings that have allowed us to use all our outdoor skills and get a lifetime of memories.
Fun Fact: I’m a sucker for chick movies
Favorite Thing about My Job: It’s a new adventure every day. I like to fix things or figure out what is going on. Animals are incredibly resilient if you don’t let things get too bad. We can help a lot of them if their problem is not neglected. That’s why preventative medicine and education Is so important. There are always new diseases being discovered and our ability to understand different diseases is always changing. When I was a first year veterinary student, a professor told us that 50% of what we are learning will be found to be not true when we retire. I love to educate people about their pet’s health and what we can do to improve their lives.
Professional:1986 DVM – Iowa State University with Distinction; 1999 Diplomate of American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (Canine and Feline Practice in 1997, Recertified in 2007; 2005 President of American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP); AAFP Board member (2002-2013); 2012 President of Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA); ISVMA Board Member (2002-2013); Current Chairman of ISVMA Legislative Committee; American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates (AAFP 2006-2014) (Illinois-current); Complete Course work by University of Tennessee Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation Program; Member of International Academy of Pain Management; Author of 2 chapters in ‘Feline Medicine Secrets’ and National Lecturer on ear and throat disease, laser surgery and staff training.
Community Service:Board of Directors of Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce; Past President of Mendota Rotary International; Board of Directors for Mendota Chamber of Commerce; Assistant Scoutmaster Mendota Troop 1402; Fundraising

Dr. Elizabeth Seppanen

Started Working at Ancare: June 2017
Position: Associate Veterinarian
Educational Background: Dr. Seppanen is a 2017 graduate from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She was a member of the Michigan Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medicine Association all four years of veterinary school. She was also an active member of Omega Tau Sigma, a professional veterinary fraternity. Dr. Seppanen received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Adrian College in Adrian, MI.
Pets: Dr. Seppanen has one dog – Cali a tripod Chihuahua (she performed the amputation as a student), one cat – Rue, and one Red Eared Slider turtle – Dumbo.
About Me: Dr. Seppanen is originally from Battle Creek, MI. She enjoys biking, running, hiking, and baking. She loves traveling and has been to 15 countries and just over half of the states. Dr. Seppanen enjoys music and plays the flute and piano and likes to sing in choirs.
Special Interests: Dr. Seppanen is really interested in surgery, especially soft tissue surgery, and diagnostic ultrasound.
Fun Fact: She has visited 10 different countries.
Favorite Thing About My Job: Here at Ancare Dr. Seppanen enjoys creating a bond with clients and their pets. She also loves challenging medicine cases and educating her clients about common ailments that our companion animals can get, such as dental disease.

Certified Veterinary Technicians:


Started Working at Ancare: I started working full time at Ancare in April 2012. Prior to that, I did an externship at Ancare in 2009 to complete my applied science degree and become a Certified Veterinary Technician.
Educational Background: I graduated from Joliet Junior College in 2010 with an applied science degree in Vet Tech.
About Me: I was born and raised in the state of Ohio. I moved to Illinois in 2006. I am currently living in Sandwich where I am raising my three teenage boys.
My Pet: Currently I do not have a pet. I lost my beloved yellow lab, Jinx to lymphoma. He was an awesome dog that was loved by my family for 9 years.
Favorite Thing About My Job: I enjoy educating clients on how to give their pet excellent care at home.
Special Interests: I love taking long walks at sunset to refresh from the day. I also love to work out in group exercise classes.
Fun Facts: My two favorite sports teams are Ohio State University football and The Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball. Best teams ever!
Hidden Talents: Interior painting.


Started Working at Ancare: 2004
Position: Certified Veterinary Technician, ISVMA member and Cat Friendly Practice Advocate through the American Association of Feline Practitioners.
Educational Background: Illinois Valley Community College and Joliet Junior College Veterinary Technician Program.
About Me: I grew up in Granville and I am the youngest of three girls. (I think that’s why I talk a lot!) Thanks to Ancare Veterinary Hospital in Mendota, I met my husband, Jared during an appointment in 2008. We were married June 11th 2011 and had our first son, Luke on October 26th 2015. We love every moment with him. I am thankful for my health, happiness, great family and awesome friends.
My Pet: Waylon a 9 year old rescue cat. I have taught him how to sit and high five.
Favorite Thing About My Job: I love to educate owners on preventative medicine. I want to help them do the best they can for their pet so they can live a long – happy life. I love the different things I get to do each day. It never gets boring. Dr. Dullard had me go to Georgia for some scope technology training, which was highly enjoyable. I really like doing scope procedures. I love being the cat advocate for the practice. I am proud to have the knowledge that helps cats be as stress free as possible.
Special Interests: Spending quality time with my husband and son.
Fun Facts: I’m Italian and talk with my hands a lot.
Hidden Talents: I have a vegetable garden and love canning my veggies to enjoy them all year long.


Started Working at Ancare: March 2010
Position: Certified Veterinary Technician
Educational Background: Saint Bede Academy and Fix College Veterinary Technical Institute
About Me: I absolutely love being a Certified Veterinary Technician! When I’m not working, I am enjoying time with my children, Eric and Addilyn. I also enjoy reading, riding my bike, and walking my dogs.
My Pets: I have two dogs. My cocker spaniel, Elvis is my best buddy and I have a westie/yorkie mix named Roxy.
Favorite Thing About My Job: I love getting to help animals, especially those that are really sick and need extra love and care. It is great to talk to clients about the health of their pet and ease their mind of any worries. We are here to help them.
Hidden Talent: I love baking and am told that I’m pretty good at it! My coworkers get very excited when I bring treats to work!


Started Working at Ancare: 2001
Position: Head Technician and Inventory Manager
Educational Background: Graduated from Joliet Junior College with an Associate of Applied Science Certified Veterinary Technician degree in 2004.
About Me: I am a middle child of three. I have always been the most independent member of my family. I currently live in Spring Valley.
My Pet: Zoey a 13 year old long haired cat.
Favorite Thing About My Job: Watching a happy client and their pet leave the hospital.


Started at Ancare: Sept 2017
Position: Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Assistant
Hobbies: Knitting, and Hiking. Pets / family: Mowgli, an orange tabby cat that we bottle fed. Hops the hound mix and Mitzi the newest foster dog, a 15 year old pug mix
Why I like working with animals: I love working with animals, because they never cease to put a smile on my face.

Kennel Assistants:


Started Working at Ancare: July 2012
Position: Kennel Manager and Veterinary Assistant
Educational Background: Associates in Science.
About Me: I was born and raised in Cedar Point, IL. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephews, hanging out with my friends, bon fires, going mudding and photography.
My Pets: Aspen- Beagle, Xena- Basenji/husky mix, Lady Doug- Domestic long hair, and Gimli- Siamese mix
Favorite Thing About My Job: When animals come in and are excited to see me. I also love seeing animals that come in hurt or severely ill and watching them go home happy and healthy. It’s rewarding to know that we helped in the process of healing the pet or saving its life. I also love watching puppies grow into adults.
Special Interests: Photography
Hidden talents: acoustic guitar, my mom said I can sing, but I feel like she has to say that!

Office Staff – Hospital Managers:


Started Working at Ancare: I started with Dr. Dullard at Ancare in the spring of 2002. I had to take a brief leave after moving to Pennsylvania until returning to Illinois and Ancare in August of 2009.
Position: Human Resource and Office Management
Educational Background: Associate’s Degree, Certified Medical Assistant and continual management training.
About Me: I’m keeping myself busy evolving every day, living and loving life along with my family and friends. My husband Jeff and I are enjoying our beautifully blended family of 5 amazing children. Life is busy loving us right back!
My Pet: Sir Benjamin Benson- King Charles Cavalier
Favorite Thing About My Job: Giving peace of mind and providing excellent care to those we value most at Ancare, our clients.
Special Interests: I enjoy a good run, hiking with my kids, or canoeing, which is my very favorite thing to do!
Fun Facts: A tune sung by Frank or Dean always puts me in a great mood!


Started Working at Ancare: May 18th 2009
Position: Co-Office Manager and Reception
Educational Background: Graduated from Eureka College in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Theatre.
About Me: I grew up in Mendota. I married my husband, Mike in April of 2011 and we had our daughter, Eva in December of 2014. Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do. I adore being a mommy! In our spare time, we go to basketball games, (my husband is a coach) and we enjoy spending time outdoors.
Favorite Thing About My Job: I enjoy the people and pets that I get to see on a daily basis. I also genuinely enjoy my co-workers.
Special Interests: I love to sing and have had roles in 14 musicals, 6 of which were lead roles.
Fun Facts: I grew up in a house full of exotic pets. We had many different types of reptiles. I also had rabbits, hamsters, a crow, a pigeon, many fish, a cat and dogs.


Started Working at Ancare: May 2019
Position: Bookkeeper
Educational Background: Illinois Valley Community College – Associate of Arts Degree
Hobbies/Special Interests: I’ve always felt drawn to the ocean. Relaxing on a bonfire lit beach with my dogs and family is my idea of perfect serenity.
Pets: We have a purebred German Shepherd named Zander, and a purebred Border Collie named Booker.
Family: In 1992, I married my high school sweetheart, Nick. We are very active family with five children. Our children’s names are Chase, Cole, Alexandra, Samantha and Kennie. We are also, proudly, a 3rd generation farm family.
Why I love my job at Ancare: Being part of a veterinary team who genuinely care for animals, gives me a satisfying sense of purpose. It’s rewarding to see everyone’s contributions come together with a common goal in mind.
Tracie’s coworkers describe her as: Always friendly, helpful, organized, a great communicator, super nice and has a calming voice and presence.

Office Staff – Receptionists:


Started Working at Ancare: I started working at our Spring Valley office in the summer of 2004.
Position: Receptionist and Cremationist. I enjoy assisting in all areas at Ancare.
Educational Background: Illinois Valley Community College
About Me: I was born and raised in the La Salle Peru area. I am very close with my family and enjoy spending time with them and my friends. I love animals and enjoy crafting and going to concerts in my spare time.
My Pets: My favorite furry friend Krusty the cat passed away at 21 and a half years of age. He was an Ancare celebrity. I recently adopted a new buddy from Safe House Animal Rescue. Smalls is a male tuxedo cat that had been abandoned. We are getting along great.
Favorite Thing About My Job: I love seeing and caring for the variety of animals that come in each day. I get satisfaction educating and helping pet owners the best way I can. Your pet is part of your family and ours here at Ancare.

For more information about our veterinary hospitals and care, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your pet.